ACORN Members Rally for $10 and Change

Posted November 20, 2017

For National Children's Day, ACORN Members gathered outside of the Ministry Responsible for Early Years & Child Care to demand universally affordable day care. ACORN is calling for a geared to income, sliding fee scale capped at $10/day. This would make child care affordable for all families, not just those who earn enough to pay the exorbitant cost of $1500/ month. 
Members blew up one balloon for every 100 children on the waiting list for a child care fee subsidy. In Toronto alone, there are 12,500 children on the waiting list. ACORN brought 125 balloons to the Ministry, chanting "We won't go away, until it's $10 a day!" Through this action, they were able to secure a meeting with Early Years & Child Care Minister Indira Naidoo-Harris. They were also able to secure a meeting with the Ontario NDP's Early Years & Child Care critic, Catherine Fife. 
Ottawa ACORN members also took to the streets of Montreal Rd to petition for $10 and change, gathering 64 signatures in just an hour! Members also paid Ottawa-Vanier MPP Nathalie Desrosier's office a visit to hand deliver a letter asking for her support in low income parents' fight for $10/day childcare.
ACORN is going to make affordable child care a ballot box issue for the upcoming provincial election in 2018.