Urgent Action: Eviction Freeze, Rent Flexibility, EI for All, Loan Payment Freeze

Posted March 16, 2020

COVID 19 has affected our lives in multiple ways. Sudden loss of income for the 53% of Canadians that live paycheck to paycheck will cause serious risks for people and all of Canada.  Housing security is needed for many people to carry out public health COVID 19 measures like voluntary self isolation.  

Over the next several weeks,  governments will introduce billions of dollars in emergency measures to support businesses and workers - but we need to ensure it includes support for precarious workers, and the most vulnerable tenants, like the 20% of renters in major cities who pay more than 50% of their income in rent.  
ACORN Members and Leaders need all levels of government to  implement the following immediately!
  1. Moratorium on all Evictions until the World Health Organization declares the COVID 19  pandemic has ended. 
  2. Enact temporary rent freeze period for renters; and implement a temporary rent free period for any renter suffering with the virus or self-isolating for the period of their self-isolation and recovery. 
  3. Provide emergency funding to make EI, or equivalent programs, accessible for all workers not just the 40% or workers it now serves. Including the 10% who are independent contractors and the 12% who have temporary jobs. Increase the income replacement from 55% to 90% for low wage employees. 
  4.  The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation should immediately provide a pool of capital to existing or new rent banks across the country so that those who can’t make the rent because of falling incomes or illness don’t lose their housing too.
  5. Payment freeze on all high interest loans with NO penalty. The federal government should also mandate that the banks and major lenders extend the mortgage default period and/or defer mortgage payments over the next six months, as Italy has done.
  6. Federal government must step in where provincial governments don't and introduce the above measures for tenants and low income people in their jurisdictions.


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