Healthy Homes - Habitation saine

Every person deserves affordable, livable housing. In many low income neighbourhoods, tenants live with mold, pests, broken elevators, and other challenges because landlords will not do the repairs needed. ACORN Canada members fight for landlord licensing, building inspections, and stronger enforcement of maintenance rules and by-laws.
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CHCH: Tenant being sued by landlord in an ongoing dispute at a Hamilton mountain townhouse complex

Posted March 4, 2022

A tenant on the Hamilton mountain is being sued by her landlord in an ongoing dispute between their townhouse complex and its tenants.

Chantelle Pruner, and the people who live in the 13 other units in her townhouse complex, have been told they have to vacate their apartments by Monday.

London Free Press: City hall blasted for secrecy over probe into near-deadly student house fire

Posted February 15, 2022

Tenants’ rights groups in London are blasting city hall for saying it won’t make public the results of an investigation into a near-deadly fire at a crowded student bungalow in the city’s northeast.

“I think it is shameful, frankly,” said Jordan Smith, a local leader of ACORN Canada. “We can’t get anything done if we can’t have basic accountability.”

Waterloo Record: Opinion: Toronto budget should look out for needs of tenants

Posted February 14, 2022

The budget committee of Toronto city council, on Feb. 7, voted down a motion from Coun. Mike Layton to increase funding to ensure low and moderate income tenants have healthy homes. ACORN members and allies have been fighting for a 2022 budget that puts the needs of those hardest hit by COVID-19 front and centre. What we’ve gotten has been a $26-million increase in the police budget and not much else.