Online Actions

Send an urgent email to Gatineau landlord, Eric Legris, RIGHT NOW demanding justice for Columbus Igboanusi!
Take action by sending an email to the Ontario government to change OEPTC’s rules so that you can get the financial help with your home energy costs that the OEPTC was intended to provide.
COVID testing should be accessible for ALL households that need it.
The EI system desperately needs to be modernised. // Le système d'assurance-emploi a désespérément besoin d'être modernisé.
Ansell Property Management is attempting to evict a family in Dartmouth for calling city bylaw on unsafe conditions in their unit!
As the second wave of the pandemic starts up, tenants are facing an unparalleled situation in BC.
Hamilton ACORN’s Defend Our Homes campaign is a crucial fight to save the existing affordable housing in Hamilton.
Les locataires dans tout Montréal souffrent d’infestations récurrentes de souris, coquerelles et punaises de lit non traitées par les propriétaires. // Tenants throughout Montreal suffer from recurring infestations of mice, cockroaches and bedbugs that are not treated by landlords.
Join ACORN's call for the strongest plan possible, and stop landlords and developers from lobbying for a weak plan that preserves their profits.
Send a message to the City of Ottawa, telling them that they MUST have a plan for affected tenants to ensure NO displacement before going ahead with LRT construction.
Join ACORN members across the city in demanding Mayor Jim Watson STEP UP to provide rent relief.
For Doug Ford’s proposed Rent Freeze to work, it needs to close all the loopholes that the big landlord lobby has successfully won in the last few decades. 
CERB is ending, moratorium on evictions has ended and thousands of tenants continue to receive eviction notices or be threatened by their landlords for eviction due to non-payment of rent and other issues. 
Join ACORN members across the city in demanding Mayor John Tory STEP UP to provide rent relief.
Only with a BIG PUSH from tenants and allies can we ensure these bylaws pass committee and then council on Wed, Aug 26th.
Le nombre de locataires susceptibles d'être expulsés après la COVID-19 est préoccupant. De nombreux locataires n'ont pas eu accès aux différentes aides du gouvernement.
Rents are rising in Nova Scotia to unaffordable levels for working class people.
The Eviction Moratorium will be lifted on August 1st and it is estimated between 7-9% of tenants in Ontario weren’t able to pay rent during the pandemic.
With global warming making cities hotter, and low income communities being most affected, the city Toronto needs to take action to Beat the Heat! 
Housing affordability is already in crisis here in BC.
The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) is forcing people to live in poverty. Many ODSP recipients are struggling to make ends meet during this time of crisis.
We want all landlords to be licensed by the city so that there are real consequences when they’re not doing their jobs.
In these unprecedented times, tenants need a Rent Break, Rent Freeze, Rent Control & Eviction Prevention!
Telus has responded to our demands and taken steps to ensure disabled people have access to affordable internet during these difficult times. Now let’s put the pressure on Shaw to do even better!
Low wage workers, people with disabilities, seniors, newcomers and people who are otherwise immunocompromised face barriers to traditional testing centre approaches.
Tenants on Nivens Ave. in North Dartmouth are fed up with living in substandard and unsafe conditions! 
ACORN is demanding a permanent extension of the $300-a-month COVID-19 Crisis Supplement.
The COVID19 eviction ban is up on the 30th and thousands of tenants are in rental arrears, the Liberal government needs to step up and STOP these evictions!
City Council is about to vote on a new rent control model for affordable housing built on OUR PUBLIC LAND - tell them to support ACORN's demands for real rent control.
Thousands of tenants across Toronto are doing their part by staying home to flatten the curve, yet many of them are living in substandard housing.
ACORN Members need the federal government to ensure that all people are able to access the internet as the need is greater than ever.
Tenants across the country are having to make a difficult choice - to pay rent or to put food on the table! 
Ottawa tenants are fed up with sky high rents!
The COVID19 pandemic has hit our city hard. In so many ways, it only made more visible the existing problems.
How can we have a functioning democracy when the digital divide keeps so many excluded from so many things we take for granted?
May 1st is coming all too soon for thousands of renters across the country.
Governments MUST step in URGENTLY and prevent further crisis.
It is concerning that payday and installment lenders continue to charge exorbitant interest rates in BC even during this pandemic.
Is this the government's solution for many workers who can't access the federal benefit and fall through the cracks?
Send an email to City By-Law to demand they hold landlords accountable!
Un grand nombre de personnes et de familles à travers le Québec font face à des difficultés immédiates quant au paiement de leur loyer
Putting Nova Scotians out of their homes in the middle of a pandemic and provincial state of emergency is unconscionable
Government response needs to go further in light of the challenges tenants are currently facing with COVID-19. 
Demand RealStar meets with the ACORN Tenants' Association and actually start resolving our issues!
The Province of Ontario is in the midst of a housing crisis. With rents rising in Toronto every year something REAL must be done to make renting a home possible for hard working people.
Ottawa ACORN members want a landlord licensing program similar to how restaurants are licensed or Toronto’s Rent Safe Program.
As bank profits continue to grow, many Canadians find themselves devastated by NSF fees of $45 and high interest rates on overdrafts and credit.
Nous avons besoin d’une licence pour propriétaire-locateur MAINTENANT! Envoyez un courriel au conseiller Mathieu Fleury exigeant des logements sains pour les locataires à faible revenu.
ACORN Canada has been fighting for affordable and accessible Internet for All - and now the CRTC has passed the buck to the Ministry of Innovation to make high speed internet affordable for low and moderate income people!
La province de l’Ontario est en pleine crise du logement
Ontario ACORN is organizing to increase the thresholds for clawbacks and assets for ODSP and OW recipients. * ACORN Ontario s’organise pour faire augmenter le seuil de la récupération de revenu et les limites de l’avoir pour les bénéficiaires de POSPH et OT. 
Millions of Canadians are excluded from the mainstream banking sector, giving rise to a growing predatory lending industry. That’s why ACORN Canada is fighting for Fair Banking (including Postal Banking). 
The City of Toronto is currently looking into regulating landlords through a licensing regime to enforce maintenance standards.