Online Actions

Government response needs to go further in light of the challenges tenants are currently facing with COVID-19. 
Demand RealStar meets with the ACORN Tenants' Association and actually start resolving our issues!
The Province of Ontario is in the midst of a housing crisis. With rents rising in Toronto every year something REAL must be done to make renting a home possible for hard working people.
Ottawa ACORN members want a landlord licensing program similar to how restaurants are licensed or Toronto’s Rent Safe Program.
As bank profits continue to grow, many Canadians find themselves devastated by NSF fees of $45 and high interest rates on overdrafts and credit.
Nous avons besoin d’une licence pour propriétaire-locateur MAINTENANT! Envoyez un courriel au conseiller Mathieu Fleury exigeant des logements sains pour les locataires à faible revenu.
ACORN Canada has been fighting for affordable and accessible Internet for All - and now the CRTC has passed the buck to the Ministry of Innovation to make high speed internet affordable for low and moderate income people!
La province de l’Ontario est en pleine crise du logement
Ontario ACORN is organizing to increase the thresholds for clawbacks and assets for ODSP and OW recipients. * ACORN Ontario s’organise pour faire augmenter le seuil de la récupération de revenu et les limites de l’avoir pour les bénéficiaires de POSPH et OT. 
Millions of Canadians are excluded from the mainstream banking sector, giving rise to a growing predatory lending industry. That’s why ACORN Canada is fighting for Fair Banking (including Postal Banking). 
The City of Toronto is currently looking into regulating landlords through a licensing regime to enforce maintenance standards.