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Weston Healthy Homes Action - ACORN Canada

Weston Healthy Homes Action

Posted July 5, 2021

Posted July 5, 2021

The tenants of 1901 Weston Road, which is a Toronto Community Housing, are facing various issues in the building. Toronto Community Housing is one of the largest landlords, and yet the tenants face various issues like, pests, repairs and security concerns.  ACORN members did a healthy homes rally to hold TCHC accountable. Members gave speeches and delivered a letter to the management. Members were joined by MPP Faisal Hassan, and announced that he will bring this issue to the TCHC CEO meeting. 

The tenants of 1901 Weston Road have brought out issues of repairs not being done properly. The lift is often broken or in unusable condition. There are pest issues in the building like roaches etc. There are various cleanliness issues. The lobbies, hallways and common areas are not clean, which raises various health concerns especially during COVID. The tenants have also complained about various security issues. The tenants feel unsafe in their own homes. Many tenants have reached out to the management before but no actions have been taken to fix those issues. 

Bob  Murphy, Chair of the Weston ACORN chapter says, “Toronto Community Housing is the biggest landlord in the GTA, but they are also the biggest offenders when it comes to the condition of their buildings, pest issues or not getting proper security for their tenants. ACORN has been fighting to make sure all landlords are held accountable, including TCHC.” 




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