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Toronto ACORN release the New State of Repair Report, calls for Landlord Licensing - ACORN Canada

Toronto ACORN release the New State of Repair Report, calls for Landlord Licensing

Posted May 1, 2023

Toronto ACORN members got together at the City Hall to release our new State of Repair report showing that RentSafe is not working for tenants. Tenants demand Landlord Licensing!

Read our full report here.

60% of tenants had issues getting repairs done in the past year alone and almost 40% have never even heard of the program.

Big thanks to Councillor Alenjandra Bravo for joining us and for speaking in support!

Toronto ACORN has been fighting for healthy homes since we started organizing back in 2004. Along the way, ACORN members were successful in winning more protections for tenants including RentSafeTO – a proactive inspection bylaw, which was passed in 2017.

While this was a major win for tenants struggling to access healthy homes free of roaches, mice, and mould, thousands of tenants continue to live with issues that are harming their physical and mental well-being.

Since 2016, Toronto ACORN has been conducting “State of Repair” surveys that capture the issues tenants are facing in apartment buildings. The series of surveys conducted since 2016 have additionally captured information regarding the extent to which the RentSafeTO program is helping tenants.

The latest survey conducted in 2023 is the fourth in the series which shines light on the range of issues tenants continue to face in their units and buildings.

Tenants can’t wait anymore – we need landlord licensing!