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Toronto ACORN launches report and petition drive for 'Bold Inclusionary Zoning' - ACORN Canada

Toronto ACORN launches report and petition drive for ‘Bold Inclusionary Zoning’

Posted June 29, 2021

Posted June 29, 2021

On Saturday June 19th, Toronto ACORN members from the east and west came out to demand a bold inclusionary zoning policy from their city councillors. There will be an important vote in September that could require all new condos to include affordable units. ACORN members are demanding that 20%-30% of all new developments, with 60 or more units, are set aside as permanently affordable rental housing.

Over 40 members came out and gathered 300 petition signatures. ACORN also released its new report on the findings of ‘The People’s Consultation’, showing broad support among working people for a bold IZ policy. In the East we petitioned in Councillor Brad Bradford’s Ward, who sits on the City’s Housing Committee. In the west Councillor Ana Bailao was our focus, as she is the Chair of the City’s Housing Committee.

Check out our new report here


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