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Toronto ACORN Fighting to End Renovictions! Positive Step Forward Today - ACORN Canada
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Toronto ACORN Fighting to End Renovictions! Positive Step Forward Today

Posted July 5, 2022

Posted July 5, 2022

Thanks to ACORN members and allies who joined us from across the city today to say NO MORE renovictions! 

ACORN members were disappointed that the city’s proposed renoviction bylaw falls short on what we’ve been fighting for from the beginning. 

Since 2019, Toronto ACORN has been fighting to get the city to create a renoviction bylaw, similar to what BC ACORN won in New Westminster. Since the bylaw was created in New West there have been no renovictions and recently, British Columbia adopted a provincial wide renoviction policy. 

Several key points were missing from the City’s report that ACORN members have been demanding like: requiring the landlord  to cover rental top up payments,  moving costs, and pay for support to help find a new unit close by.

Today three members deputed to the Planning and Housing Committee and we were able to get several motions moved to strengthen the bylaw. The City will now look into including the right of return provisions, require landlords to provide rental top-up payments and pay for moving costs and other support to help tenants find a nearby unit.

We were also able to get the City to look into creating a program to track the sale of rental buildings and ensuring there is an immediate outreach to tenants informing them of their rights.

Today was a positive first step and ACORN will continue to fight to strengthen this bylaw.

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