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“Stop Demolitions! Stop Evictions!” Burnaby Renters Rally to Protect Metrotown Rental Stock - ACORN Canada

“Stop Demolitions! Stop Evictions!” Burnaby Renters Rally to Protect Metrotown Rental Stock

Posted September 21, 2015

Burnaby renters rally to protect Metrotown rental stock

Posted September 21, 2015

On Saturday September 19, Metrotown residents in Burnaby – supported by members of Burnaby ACORN, the Metrotown Residents Association, and the Alliance Against Displacement (formerly the Social Housing Alliance), braved the pouring rain to march against the “demo-evictions” that have been displacing hundreds of Burnaby residents over the past 5 years.
Approximately 60 people attended the march, with stops and speeches given by area residents, campaign supporters, and BC ACORN leaders demanding that the city of Burnaby place a moratorium on the demolition of low-cost rental housing in the city. 
“These apartments over here are affordable rentals,” said Kaye Bedford, an area resident. “They aren’t cheap, but at the current situation they are manageable. If you toss these people out of here, when they put towers here, that rent has now doubled, or sometimes tripled.”
Rick Erb, Burnaby ACORN co-chair, spoke about the need to stop displacing low-income renters from their neighbourhoods through demolitions, and further demands from Burnaby ACORN members for a municipal rent bank, as well as the enactment of a Standards of Maintenance bylaw that would give the city the power to fine landlords that allow their buildings to fall into disrepair. Such a bylaw would help ensure the upkeep of older buildings, while improving a healthy living standard for low-income renters. 
Deb Marsh, a Surrey ACORN leader, spoke about the need for low- and moderate-income people to come together to fight for justice. Surrey ACORN members have been lobbying that city’s council to enact an inclusionary zoning policy, which would see a percentage of new building units reserved for lower-income earners.
Stay tuned… The campaign for justice for Lower Mainland renters continues!