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Peel ACORN members & tenants take action against Starlight Investments! - ACORN Canada

Peel ACORN members & tenants take action against Starlight Investments!

Posted September 9, 2022

On Wednesday, September 7th tenants of 100 Dundas Street East in Mississauga protested to hold their corporate landlord, Starlight Investments, accountable due to the gross mismanagement of the building as well as bullying of tenants by the management. The tenants are fed up with their corporate landlord due to an array of serious issues tenants have been facing in the building. For the entirety of Summer 2022, only one of the two elevators were functional in the 13-storey building, not to mention that the elevators are over 30 years old and are in dire need of replacement! This is especially concerning as lots of tenants with accessibility issues reside at the topmost floors of this building. To add to this, tenants have been living in terrible conditions due to pest infestation such as mice and cockroaches, as well as due to a lack of timely repairs. Furthermore, racist and inappropriate comments have also been hurled towards tenants by the management, once again creating an unhealthy and distressing environment for tenants.


Tenants therefore decided to do an action to hold Starlight accountable. Starlight investments is Canada’s largest financialized landlord. Financialized landlords such as Starlight treat housing as a product of investment and not as a human right. Starlight owns more than 60,000 units in Canada.

At the action tenants recited chants outside the lobby of the building, as well as delivered a demand letter directly to the Forest Hills Property Management Office located at 120 Dundas St. E. At this action 18 tenants and ACORN members were present. It was led by our fantastic ACORN members Marcia Bryan and Tanya Burkart! Big shout out to tenants such as Donna Lloyd and Cindy Whitwell who came out and spoke about the issues. The Pointer spoke to the tenants.

David Hein, the Property Manager of this building got back to tenants after the action. Tenants will continue to fight for safe and healthy homes!