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NS ACORN tells HRM council to put Landlord Licensing to a VOTE - ACORN Canada

NS ACORN tells HRM council to put Landlord Licensing to a VOTE

Posted September 19, 2022

Lisa Hayhurst, Chair of Dartmouth ACORN, hosted a Rally on Saturday outside of her building on Highfield Park. The building is plagued by systemic housing issues, and was the winner of the infamous ACORN Slumlord Smackdown in 2021. Hayrust has diligently filed complaints at HRTM bylaw with little success in getting repairs done.

That’s why Halifax ACORN is renewing its long fight for Landlord Licensing in the HRM (Halifax Regional Municipality), something it started happening 8 years ago, but has been stalled at council for years now. A new but unseen staff report following the 100 page report sanctioned by the HRM and done by an ‘expert’ consultant firm – both propose a landlord registration system similar to RentsafeTO minus the all important per unit fee.

Hayhurst was joined by ACORN leaders across the region, including Halifax Peninsula Chair and even Pat Donovan who brought his guitar to play some rousing folk songs about lousy landlords!

Councilors keep saying they support licensing and or registration but the fact is that it’s hard to believe them.

Keep an eye out for the escalation of this crucial campaign from NS ACORN.