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NS ACORN and allies force rent control announcement from PC Government! - ACORN Canada
Nova Scotia ACORN

NS ACORN and allies force rent control announcement from PC Government!

Posted October 22, 2021

Posted October 22, 2021

Nova Scotia ACORN capped off a campaign to extend the 2% rent cap with a victory this week, and while we were at it got the newly elected Tim Houston to give cities the inclusionary zoning powers as well! 

ACORN members held actions, and worked closely with allies at the NS NDP, the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, and countless amazing allied community organizations to secure this win. This victory is both a testament to the hard work of each and every ACORN member and ally, and a result of the reality of the suffocating housing crisis that rained down on the newly elected premier. Congrats to all involved!!!!

What’s next: First, ACORN is going to actively push to ensure that once the legislation officially passes, the promises are kept. That means that we are going to demand to be stakeholders in the implementation of the new housing policies, and continue to tirelessly advocate on behalf of all Nova Scotia tenants!  Second, ACORN is going to recalibrate our campaigns and decide the best course of action to ensure that real rent control is made permanent in the province of Nova Scotia by 2024.  Lastly, ACORN is going to work with allies and policy makers to ensure that the inclusionary zoning powers are quickly utilized by the HRM and that they are done so in a way that actually creates the deeply affordable housing that is needed. 

Tenants have power when they get organized with ACORN!

The following is a statement released by ACORN earlier in the week regarding the provincial housing announcement that a 2% rent cap would be extended until the end of 2023. 

Since winning the temporary rent cap last year, tenants have been living in a state of uncertainty.  ACORN finally sees the province take steps towards permanent rent control, and giving inclusionary zoning powers to the HRM. These victories show that the tireless work of ACORN members, tenants, and housing advocates across Nova Scotia has not gone unnoticed.

ACORN will continue to fight to ensure that the rent cap becomes permanent past 2023, and for full rent control that includes vacancy control, so landlords cannot continue to bump up rents in between tenants. Likewise, we look forward to working with the province and HRM to ensure that inclusionary zoning powers are used effectively. 

Finally, while 1100 affordable units is a good start, with over 8000 Nova Scotians on the waitlist for public housing we need to dramatically increase the number of affordable housing units being built in this province.

We’re looking forward to continuing to work with and fight the provincial government for stronger protections for tenants and affordable housing targets.



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