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Nova Scotia Extends Rent Cap till Dec. 31st 2025. - ACORN Canada

Nova Scotia Extends Rent Cap till Dec. 31st 2025.

Posted March 23, 2023

ACORN Canada is fighting for rent control in every part of Canada, and around the world!!

The latest success is in Nova Scotia, where the Tory government announced yesterday (March 22, 2023) that they would extend the rent cap for the second time, this time all the way until the end of 2025!

As is normally the case in organizing struggles it was two steps forward one step back. Instead of winning a permanent rent cap continued at 2%, the rent cap is still only temporary and was increased to 5%.

Needless to say, NS ACORN are not Tory supporters!

That said, Nova Scotia tenants did fare better than New Brunswick tenants did. In the great bilingual province the Higgs government ended the
rent cap with two only weeks’ notice, leaving tenants scrambling and rents skyrocketing once again.

The news about the extension came about quickly. Notice from the Housing Ministers office of a major announcement on the rent cap coming just an hour after Mainland Halifax ACORN members held their HONK FOR LANDLORD REGISTRATION RALLY at Windsor Exchange the day before. Big props to Matt Keoughan for organizing that rally and for everyone who made it out! We are actively awaiting the 2nd reading of the Landlord Registration bylaw at Halifax Regional Municipality. That hopefully takes place at the next council meeting on April 4th

Excellent work by Tim Allenby – Co-Chair of Dartmouth ACORN – who was the main Spokesperson for the day at the legislature.

Tim had this to say about the extension:

“Extending the rent cap is better than letting the rent cap expire at the end of the year. That said, Nova Scotia tenants need more from the government than kicking the can down the road. ACORN is proud of its role in winning more rights for Nova Scotia tenants in recent years. We will continue to press the government to end fixed term leases, ban renovictions, and for fair rent control for all.”

Amen to that, Tim!