Nova Scotia ACORN pickets MLA’s constituency office, fighting for a ban on fixed-term leases

Posted May 3, 2024

Great picket today at MLA Brendan Maguire’s Office! Letting the PC government know that we need to ban fixed-term leases and protect tenants now! The leadership of the HRM Mainland ACORN chapter did a masterful job organizing the picket of the turncoat MLA who recently crossed the floor to join the Tory government.

As usual, there was a lot of support from people passing by. The message was clear: Brendan, your constituents deserve better and demand an immediate ban on fixed-term leases.

If you have not already, do our online action and send an email to Tim Houston telling him to ban fixed-term leases!

And don’t forget to fill our Fixed Term Lease tenant survey.

What is a fixed-term lease? It’s a tenancy that has a fixed end, as opposed to a month-to-month lease that rolls over automatically. Fixed-term leases mean tenants do not have housing security, as landlords can just not renew your lease, forcing the tenant out onto the street. After NS ACORN won a rent cap in 2020 landlords are increasingly offering fixed-term leases because once a tenant is out of the unit, they can raise rents and get around the cap.