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New Brunswick ACORN is making big waves out east! - ACORN Canada
New Brunswick ACORN Saint John

New Brunswick ACORN is making big waves out east!

Posted March 12, 2021

Posted March 12, 2021

Something is happening in New Brunswick. Tenants are getting organized, joining ACORN, and saying ENOUGH with outdated tenant laws that only protect landlords and leave all tenants at risk of massive rent hikes and eviction.  
Only two months after their first small meeting, ACORN NB has held three successful actions calling for basic tenant rights that most Canadians already have. 
ON January 26th, ACORN NB held its Virtual Tenant Protest and had nearly forty people out in support. It was clear early on that New Brunswickers are hungry for change and willing to put in the time and effort to get organized! 
The first in person action was in Moncton on February 26th. ACORN member organizers Tyler Wolfe, Doug Forbes, Vanessa Jones, and Peter Jongeneelen put on an amazing action at the Service New Brunswick office in Moncton, where the Residential Tenancy Tribunal is. Twenty tenants and supporters braved the cold, and made it known to the entire province that tenants are starting to rise up and demand fundamental tenant law reform.  
The second in person action was organized by ACORN member organizers Sarah Lunney, Jill Farrar, Data Brainanta and Raven Blue. Benefiting from warmer weather, and the inspiration of Moncton ACORN, the Saint John protest drew over 30 tenants and supporters. Like the previous protests, the media came out in full force in Saint John. It was a fabulous action that increased the pressure on the Conservative government to bring in rent control and real tenant protections. 
Next up for New Brunswick ACORN is a planning meeting on Saturday, March 20th at 11AM. They will be discussing forming official ACORN chapters, and bringing the heat straight to the Legislature in Fredericton. 

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