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NB MLA Pickets set for May 28th – End the NB Housing Crisis! - ACORN Canada

NB MLA Pickets set for May 28th – End the NB Housing Crisis!

Posted May 26, 2021

Posted May 26, 2021

NB ACORN is gearing up for their MLA Pickets to End the NB Housing Crisis on May 28th.  
MLA Pickets – (hit the links picket info) 
NB ACORN has been forcing the issue of Housing Justice to the forefront of the Higgs government agenda all year, and we are not about to stop!  
The findings of the GNB’s Rental Review (which was a reaction to NB ACORN’s ongoing Tenant Protection Campaign) has  two major issues. First, it fails to recommend any rent controls.  Second, it completely ignores evictions as an issue that NB tenants face. 
What the review did was commit the province to review the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA), and did  invite NB ACORN leadership to be formal stakeholders in that process.  It’s unclear what the RTA review will be limited to.  Formally, the government is saying the review will ‘modernize’ the RTA, which is needed seeing that it was written in 1975!
For ACORN all this is simple: we keep fighting!  The only reason the GNB did the rental review was because we started taking action.
What ACORN is demanding is CLEAR: 
  • No protections against needless evictions leaves every tenant in the province at constant risk of displacement.  
  • No rent control means the extraordinary rise in rents we are seeing in NB will continue. 
  • The RTA review needs to start immediately, be comprehensive, and result in real change for NB Tenants. 
A select few are profiting from the NB Housing Crisis. Those same select few are represented at Higgs’ executive committee.  That’s why the time is NOW for NB Tenants to demand representation from this government and fight for real solutions to end the NB Housing Crisis. 
Share our online action if you have not done so already: NB Government Needs to ACT NOW on HOUSING



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