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March against local SLUMLORD Old Oak Properties! - ACORN Canada

March against local SLUMLORD Old Oak Properties!

Posted August 7, 2023

On Wednesday ACORN members held an AMAZING march to fight back against the local SLUMLORD Old Oak properties for the horrific disrepair, pests, and management abuse happening in their buildings!

Members marched from Victoria park to the Old Oak head office on Dufferin street to confront Robert Bierbaum for breaking his promise to meet with the ACORN tenants union. Robert was suspiciously “absent” from the office, and management claimed this was the first time they heard about these issues, despite tenants REPEATEDLY emailing and calling Old Oak about the desperately needed repairs!

SHAME! Management got so scared of facing us that they called the police to remove members from the building!

Old Oak is now trying to intimidate tenants by sending a letter demanding ACORN members stop organizing with their neighbours in their buildings – tenants have the legal right to organize collectively and we will not stop! Members know that there is POWER in numbers and Old Oak is scared of this!