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London Kipps Lane townhome tenants demand action! - ACORN Canada
London ACORN Healthy Homes Kipps Lane

London Kipps Lane townhome tenants demand action!

Posted August 18, 2021

Posted August 18, 2021

London ACORN members and Kipps Lane townhome tenants did a tenant speakout today. Members gathered to demand action from the Kipps Lane Property management/Macdane Group of Companies. 

Scores of tenants are living in extremely substandard housing conditions. Despite reaching out to the property management for months and even years in some cases, the company has completely ignored the issues tenants have been facing. Tenants are getting eviction notices for no fault of their own. The agency is in fact bullying and harassing the tenants. The staff at the agency do not exercise any professionalism while talking to the tenants. Tenants are being belittled simply because English is not their first language! There are also homes that are housed by seniors and people with disabilities and no effort is being made to make them accessible.

16 members were at the action which was led by London ACORN leaders Diane and Nawton. The property management company closed their office but members delivered the demand letter through the mail box.

London ACORN members are demanding the following:

  • Urgent meeting to discuss the issues tenants are facing.
  • Fix repair and maintenance issues
  • Stop bullying and harassment of tenants
  • Make housing accessible
  • Most importantly, treat tenants with respect!

If you couldn’t join, send a quick letter to the property management company. CLICK HERE

Every individual deserves a healthy home!


CTV News: ‘We have bats in the wall’: ACORN London members speak out demanding better living conditions (VIDEO)




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