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London ACORN – Tenant Speakout at Kipps Lane - ACORN Canada
London ACORN Healthy Homes Kipps Lane

London ACORN – Tenant Speakout at Kipps Lane

Posted December 14, 2021

Posted December 14, 2021

London ACORN held a speak out for tenants on Saturday Dececmber 4th, with 15 members turning out and joined by MPP Terence Kernaghan.

The action started with Jordan talking about what ACORN is and talking about how fed up he is with kipps lane management. Another new leader, Valerie spoke about her experiences with management and the problems in her house. Then another tenant, Annette spoke about her problems with a stove and that management then just placed a new one in her living room. MPP Terrence Kernaghan gave a small talk about how the provincial government is not doing anything to help alleviate the problems of tenants and homeless people and thanked ACORN for their hard work organizing tenants to fight for better. Members then marched over to the rental office and saw that the office had closed for the day in order to not have to interact with the protest. We posted the demand letter on both their front and back doors.

Tenants in London will continute to organize, and to fight for healthy homes until the City is willing to protect the right to healthy homes by licensing landlords.



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