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Landlord Registry becomes a reality in Halifax! - ACORN Canada

Landlord Registry becomes a reality in Halifax!

Posted April 6, 2023

A decade after we started our campaign for livable housing standards, HRM tenants finally have better protections. Yesterday, Halifax Regional Municipality voted 13 for and 1 against to pass Bylaw R-400 Respecting Registration of Residential Rental Properties.

With this new regulatory system the bylaw department can now proactively enforce the HRM’s M-200 Respecting Standards for Residential Occupancies bylaw. They will now have the power to inspect buildings whenever they see fit, and if they see violations they will have more power to ensure the repairs get done.

Your landlord or property management company will need to provide proof that they know how to manage your building. This will include proper contact information and a maintenance plan.

Whether you deal with your landlord or a property manager – this bylaw adds municipal oversight and accountability to how they manage your building.

The cost of the program will completely be covered by the city. We did not recommend this and will continue to push for landlords to pay a nominal per unit fee to pay for the program.

Next step is to ensure that the HRM establishes the strongest possible framework for proactive building inspections. We know that continuous tenant engagement is key to proactive inspections.

Ten years is a long time to fight for something, but it’s the reality of the important work everyone within ACORN does. Nothing comes easy for working class tenants!