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Kingston Road tenants say no to gentrification, displacement - ACORN Canada
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Kingston Road tenants say no to gentrification, displacement

Posted June 13, 2022

Posted June 13, 2022

On June 9th, Toronto ACORN tenants and members took to the streets to say “enough is enough!”

The tenants of 2450 Kingston Road have experienced worsening living conditions, harassment from the landlord, lack of upkeep and limited hot water and water pressure, on top of being demovicted during a HOUSING CRISIS!

Dee – who is facing demoviction – spoke about the harassment and the unaffordability of housing options nearby. ACORN leaders Kiri and Earl spoke about the need for deeply affordable housing in Toronto and better protection for displaced tenants!

Did you know that in 2019, Burnaby BC passed the most comprehensive demoviction by-law for tenant protection?

Tenants in Burnaby not only have the right to return to the new building at the SAME RENT but are also given RENT TOP-UP to be able to stay in the same neighborhood until this new unit is created! We want all tenants to be protected in this way! 

We’re not stopping here! ACORN members and tenants will ensure tenants demands are met, while keeping up the fight for demovicted tenants!

Stronger demoviction protection, stronger neighborhoods! 


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