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Keep Dartmouth Affordable – Rally Report from Mic-Mac Mall - ACORN Canada

Keep Dartmouth Affordable – Rally Report from Mic-Mac Mall

Posted April 30, 2024

The M-District development is set to reshape the area around the mall, and Dartmouth ACORN is steadfast in ensuring that affordability remains a priority in this transformation.

A fantastic turnout marked the rally, with ACORN’s members and supporters garnering widespread support from passersby, including drivers entering the mall where the rally was staged.

ACORN HRM will soon release its Municipal Platform, which will include a focus on ensuring developments like the M-District at Mic-Mac Mall prioritize affordability.

“If we are good enough to work in the HRM, we are good enough to live here!” was a rallying cry, emphasizing the need for affordable housing for working-class tenants.

Big thank you to Dartmouth Chair Lisa Hayhurst and Co-Chair Tim Allenby for organizing and leading the rally.