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Join us on April 12th for ACORN’s Canada Wide Housing Action - ACORN Canada

Join us on April 12th for ACORN’s Canada Wide Housing Action

Posted April 11, 2023

The 2023 budget was the Trudeau government once again proving that they don’t have solutions to the housing crisis. Corporate landlords are buying up every last affordable rental building and Trudeau’s response is continued silence.

That’s why we are doing actions in 10 cities across Canada on April 12th (Wednesday). Join us and demand action on ACORN’s National Housing Platform, which when enacted will allow the federal government to stop corporate landlords making Canada’s market rental apartment unaffordable.

And don’t forget to do our new online action calling on Trudeau to implement ACORN’s National Housing Platform. Send a quick letter to Prime Minister, the Housing Minister and your MP. Click here

Locations for the actions

Moncton: 11AM meet outside of 1111 Main Street

Moncton is focusing on ending large landlords’ ability to buy up all of the affordable rental buildings. They are maximizing profits for the few by squeezing us out of the only affordable housing that is left!

Vancouver: 11AM – Meet outside ONNI’s Headquarters – 1010 Seymour St in Vancouver

BC is focussing on Stop Buying Our Buildings! Mention the name Capilano Properties to tenants in North Surrey and you will hear about substandard living conditions and tenant harassment. The owners of Capilano are ONNI, a large-scale condo developer in Metro Vancouver.

ONNI’s endless construction of unaffordable condo’s is bad enough. Do they also have to buy up all the actual affordable housing in Metro Vancouver and make that unaffordable as well?!

Fredericton:11AM – Meet outside of Jenica Atwin’s MP Office – 154 Main St

Fredericton is focusing on WHO IS OUR LANDLORD?! Many of us tenants do not know who our landlord is. We may know who the property management company is, but the actual person who is making the decisions on the building can hide behind a corporate veil!

Halifax: 11AM – Meet outside of Andy Filmore’s MP office – 1888 Brunswick

Halifax and Dartmouth are focussing on WHO IS OUR LANDLORD?!?! Imagine landlords not knowing who their tenants are. Would never happen. Then why do so many tenants not know who their landlord is? The federal government needs to step in and make full disclosure of ownership mandatory for all buildings! The Liberal Government needs to WAKE UP and ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING to help working class tenants. Half measures don’t work in a housing crisis.

London: 1PM – Meet at London North Centre MP Peter Fragiskatos’ office at 231 Hyman St.

ACORN members living on Adelaide St North have had their landlord change 10 times over the past decade! With every sale to a new financialized landlord the buildings fall further into disrepair. Join London ACORN members outside of Peter Fragiskatos’ office (MP for London North-Centre) to demand the federal government take action against financialized landlords!

Ottawa: 1PM – Meet at Ottawa-Vanier MP Mona Fortier’s office at 233 Montreal Rd.

With financialized landlords like Hazelview/Timbercreek and Smart Living/Forum Equities buying up affordable rental housing and flipping it into luxury apartments all across the city, ACORN members will be meeting outside the office of Ottawa-Vanier MP & Cabinet member, Mona Fortier. We’ll be delivering a letter with ACORN’s campaign demands to stop financialized landlords!

Calgary: 11AM – Meet outside of Mainstreet Equity Head Office – 305 10th Ave SE

Calgary is focussing on Stop Buying our Buildings! Main St Equity is one of the largest landlords in both Calgary and Surrey. Their business strategy is clear. Buy up affordable rentals, and then use favourable tenant and landlord laws to maximize profits by any means necessary!

Calgary needs its affordable housing preserved. In order to do that, Main St Equity’s ability to buy up apartment buildings needs to be put on HOLD.

Brampton: Meet at Brampton Centre Liberal MP’s Office at 11 AM located at 225A-350 Rutherford Rd S, Brampton, Ontario, L6W 4N6

Peel is focussing on Stop Buying our Buildings! Hey, Hey! Ho, Ho! PULIS Investments has got to go! If you are in Peel region you likely have heard this chant at an ACORN action. Also, CAPREIT is one of the biggest financialized landlords in Canada.

Problem is that the Federal Government has made it very easy for corporate predators like Pulis to buy up affordable market rental buildings and turn them into their personal ATM machines – at the expense of tenants!

Canada needs to put a hold on financialized landlords buying up all of our buildings!

Toronto: 12PM at Weston / Lawrence, MP (Federal Housing Minister) has been invited. Speeches on site or march to MP Ahmed Hussen’s office at 48B Rosemount Ave

ACORN members will be visiting the office of Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen to deliver a letter with ACORN’s campaign demands to stop financialized landlords!

Hamilton: 12 PM at 1394 Upper Gage Ave

ACORN members will be visiting the office of Liberal MP Lisa Hepfner to deliver a letter with ACORN’s campaign demands to stop financialized landlords!