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Herongate Virtual Press Conference: ACORN vs. the City - ACORN Canada

Herongate Virtual Press Conference: ACORN vs. the City

Posted April 11, 2022

Posted April 11, 2022

CITY OF OTTAWA ON TRIAL! ACORN members from Herongate, a traditionally low-income and racialized neighbourhood in South Ottawa, are taking the City of Ottawa to the Ontario Land Tribunal in the coming months over how the city abandoned the neighbourhood to the mercies of Timbercreek (now Hazelview), who have already carried out two mass evictions from the area in the last 7 years. 

 ACORN members are appealing the City’s decision to approve Hazelview’s OPA application that will further gentrify the neighbourhood while claiming to be building affordable housing (but only for those earning $100K a year!).

The process was kicked off with the Case Management Hearing on the morning of April 8th, 2022, where the decision was scheduled as to whether the case would move forward or be dismissed based on a 370 page motion moved by Hazelview! At 1:30 PM that same day, ACORN held a virtual press conference including representatives from the Ottawa Citizen, le Droit, and the Centretown Buzz to discuss the ruling and ramifications of the hearing. This conference was run by Herongate ACORN members Love Afinotan, Mona Ibrahim, Claudette Papineau, John Redins, Joseph Tibayan and Chair of the South Ottawa ACORN Chapter, Marie-Lourdes Garnier.  

The event began with a review of the area’s history and the neglect it has been facing for years from developers who hope to demovict tenants from their homes. Members from Herongate told the stories of their experience with Timbercreek/Hazelview’s mistreatment and of the impact the mass evictions have had on the community. The rationale behind making an appeal to the Ontario Land Tribunal was explained and the legal elements of the case were discussed by lawyer Daniel Tucker-Simmons from Avant Law.

Unfortunately, the Case Management Hearing was unable to come to a decision as to how the case will move forward so we will wait a few weeks to hear if Herongate members will have their day in court! While this means Herongate ACORN members must wait even longer for their well-deserved justice, ACORN will continue to fight against corporate gentrification and for the wellbeing of the community regardless of the outcome!


Ottawa Citizen: City of Ottawa’s official plan does little to address racial segregation, says lawyer opposing Heron Gate redevelopment 

Le droit: Heron Gate: le nouveau développement porté en appel


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