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Hamilton ACORN pushes for strong municipal policies/programs to protect tenants - ACORN Canada

Hamilton ACORN pushes for strong municipal policies/programs to protect tenants

Posted August 17, 2023

ACORN will be delegating to the Emergency and Community Services Committee at 1:30 pm today! Come down for 12:30 pm to support our press conference and watch delegations inside City Hall OR watch from home on YouTube!

Check out ACORN’s submission to the E&CS Committee here.

Since 2017 ACORN Hamilton has been advocating for strong municipal policies and programs to support and protect tenants in the City of Hamilton.

ACORN looks forward to delegating to the committee to share our support for the Tenant Support Program, updates to the Vital Services and Property Standards By-laws, Safe Apartment By-law (with amendments) and are hopeful that time is given to review the Renovations and Relocation Listing License proposal and seek feedback from appropriate stakeholders to develop the strongest possible local anti-renoviction policy.

Cities will be reliant on private and financialized landlords for rental housing for the foreseeable future, and it is therefore critical that we, as a city,do more to protect vulnerable tenants and low and moderate income tenant communities from poor housing conditions, increasing housing unaffordability, eviction and homelessness. The proposed suite of tenant policies and programs will make significant progress in protecting tenant rights and preserving market affordable housing stock.