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Get Organized – ACORN’s New Digital Resource for Community & Tenant Organizing - ACORN Canada

Get Organized – ACORN’s New Digital Resource for Community & Tenant Organizing

Posted November 23, 2023

ACORN has a brand new digital resource called Get Organized. You can click the link here to check it out for yourself, or we can tell you all about it…

ACORN is all across Canada, and we are growing every day. That being said, we simply cannot be everywhere all at once! We have people reaching out to us every day, wanting to get organized with ACORN.

So, ACORN created Get Organized.

Get Organized is a digital resource for people who are looking to, well… get organized. The site has:

  • Information about ACORN and some of the amazing wins we have won by using our organizing model and methods,
  • Simple, easy to understand, step-by-step instructions on how to grow and run a community action group,
  • Digital resources like flyer templates and demand letters that you can use as tools while organizing. Simply download the templates and make them your own!
  • Tenant rights information for different Canadian regions, so that you can protect yourself from predatory disorganizing tactics used by landlords, and so much more!

If you’ve been looking for a sign to start getting organized, this is it.

Still need more information? Check out this video where we’ve posted a video tutorial that can walk you through the website, step by step!

Get organized, fight back, join ACORN!