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Etobicoke ACORN Fighting Back Against Slumlord Q-Residential - ACORN Canada

Etobicoke ACORN Fighting Back Against Slumlord Q-Residential

Posted November 28, 2022

Over 30 ACORN members and tenants of 2777 Kipling Ave had a tenant speakout this weekend to speak about the issues they’re forced to live with at their building and delivered a letter of demands to their landlord Q-Residential.

Tenants are living with rats, mice, sewage leaking in the parking garage, no heat in the winter, and much more.

And Q-Residential filed for a 5.5% INCREASE in rent – how’s paying close to $3000 to live with rats and bedbugs a fair deal?

One tenant shared how the rats have destroyed furniture, food, and have bitten her children. Lot of similar stories were shared.

We were able to get tenant complaint forms signed (so much that we ran out!) and will be sending them in to the City. This is why we need a stronger RentSafe program in Toronto that would have stricter penalties and fines for landlords like Q-Residential that clearly take advantage of tenants.