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East York ACORN Fair Banking Action – Give Our Money Back! - ACORN Canada
Toronto ACORN Fair Banking

East York ACORN Fair Banking Action – Give Our Money Back!

Posted August 31, 2021

Posted August 31, 2021

Toronto ACORN members held a Fair Banking action on August 24th at Woodbine and Danforth. Antonietta is a new ACORN member from East York who got charged with $200 NSF fees during a worldwide crisis when her pension was late!  So ACORN members took over RBC and demanded to get the money back! ACORN members lead the action with chants, speeches about their experience with Big Banks, and how they charge all sorts of bank fees and make it difficult for all low-moderate income communities. 

The RBC branch manager refused to speak to their own client. They received the demand letter and said they would follow up later. ACORN members were there till they promised to follow up! So ACORN members are ready to keep the pressure on, to make sure people like Antonietta, get their NSF fees reimbursed! 

Antonietta Corrado says ” I didn’t receive my pension money due to some glitch in the system. At first RBC charged me 4 NSF Fees ($45 each), and then they also charged me for an overdraft, so the overdraft interest! Added to that RBC also charged me the monthly bank fees for my account. I was struggling and I was busy trying to find where my pension money was. I had to get up early every morning everyday to be on the phone to figure out where my pension money went, and be on hold for hours and hours. I spoke to an RBC representative, and they only deducted $90 out of the $200 NSF fees! I asked why not all? He said he couldn’t do it. It took until the end of August to get my June Pension, My July pension was not enough to cover the two months. There are so many people just like me, charged with outrageous bank fees, people who don’t know how to use the online services. Why can’t we be helped by the bank, without having to pay for help? And why are we charged with $45 NSF fees, just because we don’t have $4000 in our bank accounts? It’s outrageous! 

Antonietta also adds, ” Banking fees are discriminatory, an added hardship for people on the edge of a cliff….with limited funds we at the bottom support the towers of greed. An image from the Harry Potter movies comes to my mind ….in the Ministry of Magic a statue showing the muggles being crushed by the wizards standing atop them….this is the image i see everytime i look at the bank headquarters … The towers of power….when the elite look down and see us as ants….they are so far away from the reality of our lives…”




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