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East Hamilton Tenants Stand up to landlord attempting to renovict entire building! - ACORN Canada
Hamilton ACORN resist renovictions

East Hamilton Tenants Stand up to landlord attempting to renovict entire building!

Posted April 1, 2021

Posted April 1, 2021

Hamilton, Ontario – Tenants at 309 Strathearne are standing up to their landlord who in November gave all 5 tenants an N13 eviction notice to move out Wednesday March 31st for unnecessary renovations. The N13 notice states “the landlord has decided to undertake a complete major renovation of the building to increase its value”. 
Tenants and Hamilton ACORN members gathered outside of 309 Strathearne on the move out date stated on their eviction notice. Darlene Wesley who has lived in the building for almost 20 years gave a speech on the megaphone and was joined by other tenants who called their landlord on the phone and demanded the evictions stop! East End Co Chair Elizabeth Ellis got on the megaphone to speak about how renovictions are creating a homelessness crisis in Hamilton. She called on the city to take bold action against Hamilton’s housing crisis by putting in place a landlord licensing system and a bylaw to protect people from renoviction. 
Tenants are demanding that people be prioritized over profits during covid19 and that landlord Kevin Moniz immediately stop the mass renoviction at 309 Strathearne Ave. 
Hamilton ACORN is demanding an anti renoviction bylaw that requires landlords to first obtain all building permits needed to do renovations before giving an N13 notice and do either of the following; Enter into a new lease with the tenant that is identical or more favourable to the tenant,with provision of a comparable rental unit in the same building OR agree that tenants can move back under the terms of the existing lease AND find temporary accommodation for the tenant during the renovation period. 




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