Toronto ACORN Affordable Housing

Downtown Toronto ACORN Fighting For More Affordable Housing

Posted June 29, 2021

Posted June 29, 2021

On June 24 Downtown members got together and marched the streets of Bloor St W! The members have decided the city councillor’s zoning policy is simply not enough and we need something better. Places like Dufferin and Bloor St W are slowly becoming unlivable due to the high rent and gentrification. ACORN members decided that they wanted to keep pressure on Ana Bailao who is part of the housing committee.  

To highlight this issue the members walked towards the building 990 Bloor St W where there will be a new condo with no affordable housing! 96 units and 88 of them will be condos while the rest will stay rental. But nothing was mentioned when it comes to affordability for the people who live there. Members will continue to keep building pressure and fight for more affordable housing!



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