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The Bend: ACORN Holds Peaceful Protest Over Banking Fees - ACORN Canada

The Bend: ACORN Holds Peaceful Protest Over Banking Fees

Posted July 14, 2021

Posted July 14, 2021

A national grassroots organization which advocates for low-and-middle income families is calling for a mass refund of bank fees and urgent bank reforms.

Members of the New Brunswick chapter of ACORN protested in front of the big banks in Moncton and Saint John on Tuesday,

Spokesperson Peter Jongeneelen says the group wants the big banks to stop gouging and squeezing low-to-moderate income earners.

“Lower the bank fees for NSF (non-sufficient funds) from $45 down to $10. Other things as well include what is called 2 tier banking.”

He says the banks received billions of dollars in federal support during the pandemic and yet helped finance so-called predatory lenders.

Jongeneelen says some branch managers were willing to listen their concerns while others weren’t.

“Some of them were receptive enough to take our demands and listen to what we had to say – but not all. Some were basically apprehensive about us being there even though we were totally peaceful.”

Jongeneelen says ACORN wants the banks to provide low-interest or zero interest loans to low-income people.

He adds the group received lots of support from passersby during their protest.



Article by Allan Dearing for The Bend



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