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ACORN Tenant Union at 100 Dundas St fights back against Corporate Pestlord - ACORN Canada

ACORN Tenant Union at 100 Dundas St fights back against Corporate Pestlord

Posted October 26, 2023

On Tuesday, October 24th at 6 pm, members of the tenant union at 100 Dundas got organized and hosted an amazing speakout against the terrible building conditions present in and around the building; broken elevators, homeless people living in the stairwell and harassing tenants, cockroaches, bedbugs and so much more.

Around 18 people came down to the lobby, in front of the broken down elevator, and let everyone in the building know that they were fed up living like this. This couldn’t have been done without local leaders, Robin Vanderfleet, Rosemarie Thomas and Marcia Bryan; Marcia had gone around the hallways with a megaphone earlier to get peoples’ attention

This was planned as a quick hit following a tenant’s meeting just last week with 25+ people, so goes to show how really valuable organizing is.

At the end of the speakout, tenants signed a letter of demands which will be presented at the next meeting involving management, and agreed to use the MARC program, to get bylaw officers involved. Getting the MARC program to expand its outreach and monitoring is essential in keeping sure these buildings get the maintenance they need: their current standards are not enough.