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ACORN put pressure on the city to licence landlords now in Halifax! - ACORN Canada

ACORN put pressure on the city to licence landlords now in Halifax!

Posted November 29, 2022

The Halifax area ACORN chapters are leading the charge for landlord licensing / registration from the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) council.

For over two years, HRM council, led by Mayor Mike Savage, has been doing anything BUT licensing landlords. Delaying and stalling are their favourite tactics.

First it was the city lawyers who needed to look into whether the city has the jurisdiction to license or register landlords (for the record, it does). Next, councillors blamed it on COVID, delaying the staff report on licensing (everyone knows: if you have a problem, blame it on COVID!)

That’s why ACORN held its License Landlords Now Councilor Phone Blitz last Friday. Tenants from across the HRM got together to discuss the campaign and call councillors and Mayor Mike Savage en masse saying No More Delays, License Landlords Today!

The blitz was a big success.

Best part – new tenant leaders are emerging. Sick of landlords flouting the long standing M-200 property standards bylaw, tired of the city refusing to enforce its own laws, these feisty new ACORN members said – enough sitting around watching, we are going to hold Mayor Mike Savage and the HRM council accountable, once and for all!