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Toronto ACORN Members Demand New Spadina Garment Industry Corp to fix the building at 3561 Eglinton Avenue West! Healthy Homes for all!!

Posted October 13, 2021

Posted October 13, 2021

The tenants of 3561 Eglinton Avenue West are facing various issues in the building. New Spadina Garment Industry Corp is charging a high amount of rent and yet the tenants face various issues like repairs not being done, broken and old appliances, pest issues and cleanliness concerns. Besides that, various tenants feel harassed and bullied by the management on many occasions. Not only are they forced to live in such conditions, many tenants are spending their own money to fix their units! 

Many tenants have reached out to the management but no actions have been taken to fix those issues. ACORN members on Tuesday Oct 12 held a healthy homes action in front of the building, and delivered a letter to the property manager, as a tenant union. Tenants shared their experiences and filled out 311 complaint forms to keep the pressure on! Members were also joined by the York-South Weston MPP Faisal Hassan! 

Add your support here, to make New Spadina Garment Industry Corp fix 3561 Eglinton Ave West 



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