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ACORN Halifax Municipal Platform Launch - ACORN Canada

ACORN Halifax Municipal Platform Launch

Posted June 6, 2024


ACORN Halifax successfully launched its  HRM Municipal Platform! There was great turnout, with members new and old showing their support.

Heather Clark, chair of the Mainland chapter, did a fantastic job leading as the main speaker, along with the chair of the Dartmouth chapter Lisa Heyhurst, and valued member Vicky Levack. With CBC and local news outlet Saltwire covering the event, ACORN Halifax made their platform demands known, as well as the importance of tenants voting for their own rights in the upcoming municipal election.

ACORN is pushing for real affordable housing, an end to tenant displacement, and the enforcement of healthy living spaces. As well, ACORN is starting a Tenants Vote Pledge Drive to ensure that come October’s election day, tenants know where to vote, how to vote, and what issues matter most.

With such a passionate membership, this event was sure to be a big success!