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2255 Weston Rd Tenants Take Action Against AGI! - ACORN Canada

2255 Weston Rd Tenants Take Action Against AGI!

Posted October 23, 2023

Firm Capital staff did meet with tenants at 2255 Weston Rd the next Tuesday to address repair and maintenance issues due to pressure from ACORN. No commitment was made to drop the AGI, although some previously neglected repairs are now being done for tenants.

On September 13th, ACORN members and allies from Oakwood Vaughan Tenant Union went to the Hilton hotel in downtown Toronto, where Firm Capital’s COO & Managing Director Sandy Poklar was speaking at the Summit for Asset Management Toronto.

It is completely ridiculous that tenants in a building owned by Firm Capital are living with unacceptable conditions while the company’s top brass are hanging out at the Hilton hotel.

Although ACORN was barred from entry by security, we informed people at the Hilton about what was happening at 2255 Weston Rd and recommended that they call Firm Capital and demand that the landlord drop the AGI at 2255 Weston Rd.

Now, on October 18th, we took the next step with tenants at 2255 Weston Rd and held a tenant speakout outside of the building to highlight the myriad issues in the building.

The tenant speakout was also attended in solidarity by ACORN’s friends and allies, including representatives from the York South Weston Tenant Union-organized buildings on rent strike, Sharlene Henry and Anthony Alao, local politician and former area MPP Faisal Hassan, President of the Toronto & York Region Labour Council Andria Babbington, and Kelly Bentley from the Federation of Metro Tenants Association.

Margaret Manning and Susan Cox, tenants of 2255 Weston Rd and ACORN members, spoke about the long-term issues in the building. Joseph Douglas, a local poet and tenant in the building, also read a poem he wrote about the unjust situation at 2255 Weston Rd.

ACORN members are continuing to organize and fight for justice for themselves & their neighbours. Above guideline rent increases are becoming more and more common as we consistently see landlords try to pass off costs of building repairs and maintenance back onto tenants.

If you want to show your support and solidarity with tenants at 2255 Weston Rd, click the link below to send a message to Firm Capital.