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2111 Roche Crt Tenant Speakout - ACORN Canada

2111 Roche Crt Tenant Speakout

Posted August 2, 2023

There was an amazing tenant speakout at 2111 Roche Crt on Wednesday, July 26th at 7 pm. A storm started forming but it did not stop the tenants at Roche Crt! Peel Acorn leaders Marcia, Robin, and Tanya came by to get things started, and they were all awesome. The rain did not dampen their spirits!

Some of the tenants of this building had been displaced since August 2021 due to flooding. The building is riddled with cockroaches, rodents, frequent flooding & plumbing issues, crumbling balconies and so much more!

As more and more tenants gathered outside the building, members from the building, Hazel Thomas and Michelle Martin got the energy levels to go up as they demanded accountability from the landlord. At one point, we had more than 30 people sitting in, including the management staff who were terrified. There was a heated argument between management and the members, who all stood their ground.

This led to chants loud enough to shake the building (the balconies looked ready to fall!) and the management had no choice but to go back to their offices. We ended it by issuing a letter of demand to the landlord, filled with signatures, and requesting a meeting with the tenants in the building. Details of the speakout and the building’s ongoing issues will be covered in an article by inSauga in the upcoming weeks.