195 Wellington Tenant Union Organizing to Fight Demoviction

Posted July 8, 2024

The first official tenant union meeting for the brand new 195 Wellington ACORN tenant union was a success! The meeting was held yesterday, 4th of July at 6.30 PM in Corktown park. According to the Ontario Land Tribunal and City of Hamilton, plans are underway for a section of the building to be demolished to put up a high-rise. However, with no proper relocation plans for the tenants currently occupying the units there is a hold on construction plan. Meanwhile, the landlord keeps emptying units in the entire building and fails to secure basic tenant rights, keep up with general maintenance of the building or maintain regular communication with tenants.

Tenants are fed-up with dealing with the landlord Medallion Corporation, and voted to organize with ACORN to demand better tenant protections and rights if and when the reconstruction plans are approved by the Holding Committee. The tenants demand consistent lines of communication with the landlord and transparency in the timeline of construction and satisfactory relocation plans. We know our rights, we are organized and we’re ready to take action!