1465 Lawrence Ave West Tenant Union speaks out agains the Above Guideline Rent Increase!

Posted February 20, 2024

1465 Lawrence Ave West ACORN tenant union members fought back in the cold, demanding repairs and action from their landlord (BlackStar 1465 Lawrence LTD. and Starlight Properties), the City, and the Province to take responsibility for the rubber-stamped Above Guideline Rent Increases (AGIs). We sent out a 10-page letter written up by the building captain of 1465 Lawrence W: Michael Cuadra, and a compilation of work order requests that we are also sending to the City!

BlackStar 1465 Lawrence LTD. and Starlight Properties have not been able to keep up with repairs and maintenance in residents’ units, but the elevator modernization is the primary reason for the AGI. However, RentSafeTO reports prove that the elevator score has gone down ever since modernizing the elevator. This proves the renovation was merely cosmetic.

We got CBC news to integrate the local action with our overarching provincial day of action on AGIs, where we are marching for real rent control, LTB reform, and stopping the AGIs. Global News and CityNews also made an appearance!