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123/125 Bold St tenants get organized! - ACORN Canada

123/125 Bold St tenants get organized!

Posted February 10, 2023

On January 28th ACORN members and tenants at 123/125 Bold St held a tenant speakout. Tenants in the building are fed up with the unsafe and unhealthy conditions:

  • Rat and cockroach infestation
  • No action on repairs
  • Dirty and unmaintained common areas
  • Frequent water and heat shutoffs
  • Unprofessional on site building staff
  • Broken appliances

ACORN is calling on the City of Hamilton to pass a city wide landlord licensing program! Which would include: annual inspection of apartments, ensure property standards are enforced, inform tenants of their rights and hold slumlords accountable!

ACORN has requested a bylaw blitz of the building and sent a demand letter to Family Properties.