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11 Catford Rd Organizes For Full Rent Control! - ACORN Canada

11 Catford Rd Organizes For Full Rent Control!

Posted February 5, 2024

Across Ontario, the rent is just too damn high!

Last Thursday, the 11 Catford Rd ACORN Tenant Union turned dozens of their neighbours out to sign a petition demanding that the Ontario government implement full rent control, including vacancy control and a ban on above-guideline rent increases.

Neighbours talked about how rent and food prices are going up while our wages stagnate, and signed union cards to join ACORN and fight back together. Many of us were also excited about the upcoming nationwide day of action to stop grocery price gouging, and made plans to attend the local ACORN rally at Jane & Finch on February 10th. You can find out more about this action here!

Tenants also excitedly discussed the latest victory in the building: the replacement of all elevators at 11 Catford Rd starting in May 2024! The landlord, the Sorbara Group of Companies, had signed onto ACORN’s demands for repairs, security, and cleanliness in their buildings during an organizing campaign last summer, and demanding the replacement of all elevators in all of the company’s buildings was the most ambitious demand we made. Eager to celebrate the latest progress, the tenant union stuck up flyers around the building taking credit for the announcement and encouraging others to join. Organizing works!

Live around Toronto’s Jane & Finch neighbourhood and want to see change in your building and community? Contact Toronto ACORN at 416 461 9233 or and get organized!