Ford's Government is clear about one thing: low-income Ontarians are under attack

“The fiscal hole is deep… Everyone across the province will be required to make sacrifices, without exception”. Finance Minister Vic Fedeli further emphasized the government’s plan to attack Ontario’s most vulnerable as he announced tax breaks for the rich and a series of cuts and rollbacks that will gut protections for low-income Ontarians.

Ottawa ACORN’s Statement on the 2018 Municipal Election Results // Déclaration d’ACORN Ottawa sur les résultats des élections municipales de 2018

Ottawa ACORN
For Ottawa ACORN, work on the municipal election actually began in 2016 when we started reaching out to like-minded allies who were interested and committed to building a progressive City Hall. // Pour ACORN Ottawa, le travail sur les élections municipales a en fait débuté en 2016 lorsque nous avons commencé à chercher des alliés aux vues similaires, intéressés et déterminés à construire un Hôtel de ville progressiste. 

The Star Vancouver: Derek Corrigan sure of his rule in Burnaby, even when he’s treated ‘like a piñata’

A report released Monday by the low-income advocacy group ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) reserved special contempt for Corrigan’s self-described “progressive” Burnaby Citizens Association (BCA). “The BCA policy of mass demoviction in Burnaby is destroying the city’s supply of affordable housing … during an unprecedented housing crisis,” ACORN wrote.