Herongate Members Deliver Slumlord Award & Work Orders!

Posted July 5, 2018

(Ottawa, Ontario) Thurs July 5th almost 40 ACORN members and allies marched to the Timbercreek Office at 2870 Cedarwood Drive to demand repairs to their complex and an end to the mass evictions. New ACORN leader, Lisa Brinston, who led the rally alongside Herongate ACORN veteran, Abdullahi Ali, spoke at length about maintenance issues she’s had with Timbercreek including but not limited to: cockroaches, defective carpets that were painful for her and her disabled mother to walk on, shoddy electrical work and exposed wiring. 
Timbercreek is using the excuse that some of these affordable housing units are beyond repair and that they must be torn down. ACORN members who are tenants of Timbercreek argue that Timbercreek has purposely let these units deteriorate so they can push out poor people and rebuild luxury rentals - this is eviction by neglect! 
ACORN members are demanding that Timbercreek stop the evictions and do repairs. 
ACORN members are demanding from the City/Province: 
  • Rental Replacement Bylaws: in the case of redevelopment of affordable housing ensure that those affordable housing units are replaced in the new development and offered back to previous tenants at the same cost and bedroom size.  
  • Landlord Licensing: landlords must be held accountable for repairs! If the City had proactive measures in place with annual inspections, stricter timelines and online/physical lists of landlords who pass or fail inspections the repairs in Herongate would have NEVER been allowed to get this bad 
  • Inclusionary Zoning: we are in an affordable housing crisis! The City must enact Inclusionary zoning to ensure that all new developments include a percentage of affordable housing 


Check out more pictures from the rally here
In solidarity with Herongate ACORN members here in Ottawa, Toronto ACORN members delivered a letter to the Timbercreek headquarters demanding answers and support for tenants. Read the letter below: