East York ACORN action for a REAL RENT FREEZE and to put an end to RealStar’s Corporate Greed!!

Posted May 17, 2021

East York ACORN members held an action outside Main Square Apartments (Main and Danforth) on May 15, to fight back against Above the Guideline Rent Increases during COVID and to end RealStar’s corporate greed. 
34 members showed up to support all tenants and fight back as a community to fix the huge loophole of Above the Guideline Rent increase. Members were joined by the MPP of East York-Beaches, Rima Berns-McGown, as she showed support for tenants! 
So many low-moderate income tenants are struggling to pay for basic needs, while big landlord Corporations like RealStar are charging a rent increase in a worldwide crisis! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH 🚨 
We demand a FREEZE on AGIs‼️
Housing for the people not for profits ‼️
Members delivered their letter to the management of Main Square Apartments demanding a freeze on Rent Increases, immediately get proper maintenance done that the tenants need and show respect for their tenants! 


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