Brilliant action by ACORN Montreal North for garbage collection on Jubinville Street

Posted August 3, 2021

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Our action yesterday made the town hall of Montreal North uncomfortable !!! Following a pilot project of the borough, which placed only 6 garbage containers in a street of 140 tenants and does not carry out sufficient collections, the residents of Jubinville street suffer from the bad odors of the garbage cans lying around, which have been piling up for months.

ACORN Montreal North has brought together tenants to denounce what they are going through. Four local and national media covered the event and forced elected officials (who have remained silent so far) to come and speak in front of the cameras. The town hall wants to extend this project to the rest of Montreal North, but tenants now have a way to mobilize to be heard. Let's go ACORN !!!!!!!!


Métro: Montréal-Nord: des citoyens manifestent contre les poubelles qui débordent

Global News: Montreal-North residents upset about overflowing, stinky garbage bins

CBC News: Trash-collection pilot project in Montréal-Nord is causing quite the stink, residents say




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