You Cannot Evict Me - Letter to the landlord

To (Landlord’s name or the name of the property management)

As I’m sure you are aware, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing unprecedented financial hardship for Canadian workers and families. Many Canadian workers have lost their jobs or are extremely uncertain about their future earnings, given the current situation. 

As you know, evictions in every province across the country have been suspended. Hence, you cannot evict me.

Threatening to evict people at a time like this is a Health and safety issue. Harassing your tenants with threats of eviction is uncalled for in this unprecedented Economic crisis.  Unlike any other year/month, April 1st of this year is painful and different because a lot of us simply do not have enough money to support even our basic necessities and are therefore compelled to make difficult choices.

Through this letter, I join thousands of members of ACORN – a country-wide tenant work, to remind you of your obligations as my landlord, and more so as a fellow human.

  • One, all evictions have been suspended. In all provinces, governments have issued a moratorium on evictions which means that no new eviction orders will be issued and all current orders will be postponed, until further notice. Hence, you cannot evict me
  • Second, you must know that forcing people out of their homes in current times will not only put them at risk but also jeopardise the health and safety of so many other people.  There is sufficient evidence which shows that any increase in homelessness will worsen the crisis. 
  • Even if you do not understand the issue from a scientific or legal standpoint, you might understand the moral ground.  It is simply immoral to expect people to be paying their rents regularly in these terrible times. It is naive to imagine Tenants and Landlords on an equal footing. As someone who owns this place, instead of taking advantage of this situation and exploiting tenants which is actually equivalent to harassment, you must understand that tenants like us are only one less paycheque away to lose what we call a home. Any action or measure you take during this time against tenants like us will have deep implications on our lives.  

We at ACORN continue to put pressure on our governments so that policies are enacted that provide sufficient relief for all of us. Until meaningful measures are taken, I am left with no choice but to use my rental monies to meet my other basic needs.

I sincerely hope that you would think from the perspective of vulnerable tenants and define your actions accordingly.


[Tenant’s name]