Work isn't Working for Ontario Families

There have been two important developments in recent weeks of ACORN members taking the lead in the fight to put low and moderate income voices at the center of the discussion around poverty reduction.

First, on May 14th, 40 leading ACORN members traveled from across Toronto to Queen's Park to press their elected representatives on our Provincial Platform. ACORN  members  met with senior members of the Ontario Government as well as the Provincial NDP Caucus  and   brought with them a clear message:

Cap Payday Loan Rates - Ensure that the rate cap in the payday loan legislation focuses on returning money to working families.

License Temp Agencies - To fund pro-active inspections of labour conditions and  set maximum charges that agencies are able to charge employee's for work placements.

Raise the minimum wage - To $11/hour and peg it to inflation.

Develop a Provincial Childcare program - Based on the Quebec model of public and non profit service delivery at affordable rates.

Better Housing - Ensure high quality housing by investing in Social Housing, Licensing the Provinces  landlords and bringing back real rent controls.

Addictions Funding - Build on the investment from last fall to address the growing addictions epidemic in working family neighbourhoods.

Also: We are proud to endorse a new report published by Campaign 2000, the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and the Toronto and York District Labour Council;  "Work isn't Working for Ontario Families: The Role of Good Jobs in Ontario's Poverty Reduction Strategy".  Its available to view by clicking here