What Must the Federal Government Do for People?

Posted on September 21, 2020

ACORN Canada is fighting for social and economic justice. As the pandemic unfolds, we see the situation going from bad to worse, especially in low-and-moderate income communities. COVID-19 has reinforced the need for immediate actions that the federal government must take. As the government prepares for the Throne Speech, ACORN Canada has put together what we think the government MUST DO to ensure a just recovery.

The Time to Act is NOW!

  1. Stop Evictions and Ensure the Right to Affordable and Livable Housing: Create a Federal Rent Relief Program for those unable to make rent due to COVID-19. Federally mandate full rent control in all provinces, including vacancy controls. Stop REITs from making investor profit at the expense of people's right to housing, by renovicting and pushing out long standing tenants in affordable units.
  2. Internet for All:  In the modern economy, all people need access to affordable, reliable and high-speed internet. Offer all “low-income Canadians” and “fixed-income seniors” $10/month Internet with 50/10 speed through the "Connecting Families" program and make the program mandatory for all main telecom companies.  Currently the federal program excludes many lower income people and seniors and is capped at 220,000 families, this falls way short of the need. Join our Online Action to send a letter to the Federal Government and Big telecom companies. Click here
  3. Modernize EI: All workers, including self-employed and gig workers, should be entitled to Employment Insurance that ensures 90% of worker’s earnings or $500/weekly (whichever is higher) available until 50 weeks.
  4. Fair Banking:  Everyone should have access to low-interest credit products, especially in emergencies. Government must mandate banks to create alternative credit products for low-income people to stop the use of the fringe predatory market (payday and installment loans). And permanently reduce NSF fees from $45 to $10. For our policy position, click here



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