Weston ACORN members demand repairs from Q Residential

ACORN members rally in WestonPosted April 9th, 2019

On Friday, April 5th, twenty Weston ACORN members and tenants from 2450, 2460, and 2240 Weston Road held a rally to demand that Q Residential complete the repairs that are badly needed in their buildings.

Members gathered at 2450 Weston Road and marched down to 2240 Weston Road where they delivered their letter of demands.

Tenants are fed up with repairs never being done on time and having to deal with a number of maintenance issues.

They demanded that Q Residential address: Bug infestations; mice and rats; building maintenance; elevator issues; and cracks in the buildings.

Members gave Q Residential five business days to arrange a meeting to sit down and discuss their issues, or they will escalate their campaign of direct action. 

MPP Faisal Hassan came out to show his support and joined members on the march and earlier in the day, Weston ACORN leader Ebony Menzies spoke with Global News about Toronto's housing crisis after the Federal Government announced it will invest $1.3 billion to improve and upgrade accessibility at Toronto Community Housing buildings. 

The City's RentSafeTO program, which ACORN won, is issuing a report on their progress in May. It's time for the City to crack down on bad landlords and enforce their own property standards!

ACORN members rally in Weston








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