Weston ACORN members demand Barney River to fix 1440-14442 Lawrence Avenue West! Healthy homes now!!

Posted March 15, 2022

Weston ACORN members held a Healthy Homes Action on Tuesday March 8th outside 1440-1442 Lawrence Avenue West! The tenants of 1440-1442 Lawrence Avenue West, are facing various issues like repairs not being done, work orders being ignored for years, pest issues, broken and old appliances, and yet tenants are being charged with rent increases.

Tenants are having to spend their own money to get repairs done, or live with terrible living conditions. Many tenants have reached out to the management before but nothing has been done by the landlord or management to fix those issues. The onsite management has also shown poor behaviour towards the tenants. Every tenant deserves a respectful and dignified healthy home. Tenants delivered a demand letter to the management office in the building! 

Tenants are following up with 311 complaints and have reached out to Councillor Nunziata and Mpp Faisal Hassan's office! 

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